Sunday, 26 November 2017

Camera Related Illness

In a previous post I'd identified a number of Camera  Related Illnesses.

Recent conversations have put me in the position to recognise another;

Gollum Syndrome:

This affliction causes a pathological fear that using the camera exactly as it was designed to be used will cause harm to the camera. In particular people freak out when they have to change lenses (when it is an interchangeable lens camera) or that mounting a lens for which the camera was designed (such as a 300mm lens) will cause the camera to spontaneously break.

TREATMENT: I believe this illness to be untreatable in the context of modern city living, perhaps being conscripted as an army photographer may assist.

DISCUSSION: this illness is exacerbated by (or perhaps dependent upon) being a sheltered city person without the faintest clue. Anyone who actually uses their cameras for nature photography (not visits to the Zoo) quickly discovers "shit happens" (like field changing a lens, or a mild sprinkle of rain) and the camera still works. If the photographer request trauma counselling :- slap them.

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