Tuesday, 13 February 2018

why I like cross country skiing

Yesterday morning I went for a ski around what would be a jogging track in Summer.

I mainly do "classic" style so I stay in those pair of grooves and do what is more naturally like a long gaited walk or perhaps "slow motion run" with the poles working in combination to keep even propulsion forwards

of course people skate style along the track, but I don't have that type of ski and personally I find the classic a more balanced routine.

To the chagrin of others I occasionally stop to photograph things on the side of the track too ... to send to my friends in Australia who just don't even get this scenery (actually or mentally)

After about 40 min of exersize I get to near the lake edge, so I detour there for a short break out of the wind ... first you find a parking place...

Then break out the thermos of hot chocolate (which I prepared earlier)

then you just sip that and enjoy the peace of the lake

Then put it all back in the backpack and ski 40 min home again ;-)

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gnarlydog said...

Willing to swap my week here in BrisVegas with yours in Finland: it has been awfully hot and muggy. Would love to run some skinny skis on those tracks, and yes I am with you: skating isn't for me either. Enjoy the cold