Monday, 14 May 2018

Day trip to Girraween

Well I woke up on Sunday and sitting around having coffee I thought : well its a beautiful day, why not pack a lunch and go do a short hike at Girraween

The T-Max makes a lovely highway bike too .. comfortable and friendly, so I put on my hiking boots, packed the Trangia, some water and some noodles and off I went

I took the track to "Castle Rock" which is steep in parts but not too far (about 3km).

From up there you get good views to the Mt Norman (and out of picture to the right) Bald Rock.

Sitting down out of the (stiff) wind I enjoyed a break with a local skink

The view to the North (into the sun, so heaps more contrasty) is "The Pyramids" ... great climb too, but really a good half day up and back ... so as I've done that plenty of times I left it.

On the way home I dropped into Wild Soul winery (cos I know the guy pretty well) and bought a bottle of 2016 Merlot Cabernet for dinner. He can on occasion make stunning wines, but last few have suffered from lack of good weather and some losses from a hail event. None the less they're always interesting. If you're in the area, drop in :-)

Hope you enjoyed a little of my walk too


gnarlydog said...

I have not been up Castle Rock for years since I stick mainly to the East side.
Surprisingly quiet carpark? too cold/windy for most folk?

PeterGS said...

My favorite part is the vietnam section. Its so cool