Friday, 3 August 2018

pumped (by pumps)

Just thought I'd put up an image of the pumps I use in my floor heating system, I guess people imagine all sorts of things, but they're quite compact (and low price).

I buy them on eBay for like $15 each and this allows me to have simplicity on getting consistent predictable flows in my water circuit design.

This batch have been iterative improvement over the previous ones, with the impeller shaft being (what appears to be) Stainless Steel, not a bit of plastic (which broke in a few of my pumps last time).

Given the magnets showed signs of rusting I've used LANOX liberally inside (disassembled the pump which is pretty simple, just 4 screws) to ensure that its well coated with lanoline (which should resist washing off).

I'll add more as I go

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