Sunday, 22 September 2019

The Mercanes (Single vs Dual) side by side on the same trip

I've been wanting to do this comparison this way for a while, but only just recently found the editing tools required to do it. So here is both the Single and the Dual motor versions I have on the same trip. There are a few differences but aside from having to kick a few times on the 9degree slope and needing to walk up my driveway its only a 10 or soe seconds difference in trip times.

So, by the time of the top of the first hill it was only about 7 seconds in the lead (not much) and required me to give it a few kicks ... if it was a race then I'd go more power (and torque) but its just a trip to my mates house (usually for a cuppa or an afternoon beer), so a few seconds doesn't really make a big difference.

Is the extra power of the dual worth the money? Well it depends on you and also on the price difference. In Australia that price difference approaches 50% more for the Dual motor.

I've got a few more thoughts on this over on this blog post.

Hope that helps

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