Tuesday, 7 April 2009

G1 with a big lens

having now got both my G1 and the FD 300 f4 I'm sure you're wondering what it might look like, so here you are:

G1 with 300mm f4

the lens is made look bigger by the diminutive size of the G1. If you pop a bigger camera on it (like the 10D below) then it would look less bizarre (but then you'd be carrying the bigger camera too).

So, aside from what it 'looks like' what does it look like looking through it? Well this is the view from my balcony (pardon the ugly colour balance) with the standard zoom at the 45mm position (which is about 90mm on a full frame camera)

and from the same location this is what it looks llike with the 300mm

Quite impressive.

There wasn't much to photograph today (it being foul weather) so this image is the birds in the large tree to the left and just behind the shed.

The lens isn't the 'hottest' on the block and seems acceptable at f4 (with slightly ugly out of focus areas [bokeh]) but by f8 is looking good.

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