Sunday, 7 June 2009

polish humour

I recently bought something from Poland and it came with the following stamps on the envelope

a close look shows what seems to be a bureaucrat (based on the stamp and phone on the desk) hiding behind a mask of paper and with goat (devils?) horns coming out of the top.

What makes this art even better (to me) is that a bureaucrat had to approve this to appear on a stamp!

I loved it.


Anonymous said...

This stamp is part of the Zodiac series.
Koziorożec means: Capricorn. You can see other parts of this series here:

Funny thing is that in 1996 Poland was still in the comunism era, and yet, the censor released it to be published.

Regards, JaZ

Anonymous said...

Please, drop my previous date part. The comunism ended in Poland in 1989. Too hot today to think clearly. :)

obakesan said...

Dratt I didn't read the second before the first!

well ... at least noone knows who you are ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to fill in more cultural relevance to this

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... I just got something from Poland Today after waiting almost a month while the package sat in NY USA. It had the same stamps. Thanks for posting this. Otherwise I would still be searching the web to find out if the stamp was actually 'real'.