Sunday, 21 June 2009

porvoon siili

I was at Porvoo this weekend (which was nice but the weather was typically Finnish. Here's a sample image of the docks).

porvoo Docks

anyway, as we were driving out to go sight seeing something shuffled across the road fast.

and we both said "hedgehog".

But this time it was a big male, and I was not going to let him get away without getting a closer look. So armed with some gloves I keep in the car I went and found him in the bush.

He immediately curled up into their distinctive little ball and was absolutely not going to come out while I was holding him (would you?)

So I put him on the grass and we sat back and waited for him to relax.

While he was waiting he seemed to be taking occasional deep breaths and releasing them slowly, just like when people are pissed off and waiting not so patiently ... sigh ...

So he sat curled up like a bundle in a sleeping bag made of prickles and waited. With his eyes tightly shut.

we thought it was best to put him back in the hedge and go back to what we were doing ... after all he might have been on his way to something important, and we wouldn't want to make him late.

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