Sunday, 25 October 2009

refugees to Australia

Seems like its a loose loose situation for us on this.

Putting aside for a moment if we should or should not be accepting refugees, it seems important that due process be applied to claims of Asylum being verified as genuine. So what do we do with the people who are being processed.

I don't think you can find an Australian how is not somehow frustrated with the entire thing, and then worse, have it compounded with claims that we are somehow treating them poorly by putting them in inhumane conditions in our detention centers. Heck I recently read how we're not providing adequate care for the children.

Well, its interesting to read today how being detained in Indonesia is much worse. Well gosh, who'd have thought!

Australia seems to have made it to number 2 on the United Nations development index this year (which is a lovely thing for us), but not everyone lives in such a desirable location.

In many ways this can only increase the pressure on attempts at illegal migration to Australia.

Personally I think its dreadful that the conditions in countries like Afganistan, Sudan, Somalia are as wretched as they are, and I personally believe that there is some culpablity on the part of western corporations activities in this, but its not my fault and its not up to every person in Australia to be responsible for this.

Attempting to discuss the vexed issue of refugees and our refugee intake commitment is a thorny issue, but Australians need to keep something clearly in mind:

People who are coming here are coming from places just as bad (if not worse) than the locations they are presently in detention in now, if not for the complaints about how we have been handling the processing, and interference in this by international groups they would most certainly be in Australia awaiting determination and not where they are now.

So, I ask the humanitarian groups who would badger and push around the political process on how asylum seekers were handled should ask them selves how they feel about this outcome, because they share as much of the blame as anyone!

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