Wednesday, 3 February 2010

is it racist to say...

I wonder if I were to say that "Vinod Mehta is a friggin idiot" would that be a racist remark?

Well to my understanding I can't see how it would be, as I do not make any assumptions on the fact that his ethnicity (ie being an Indian) is related to the observation that he's a dickhead who is quite likely to be suffering from "Cranial Inversion" *(where ones ass is substituted for ones head).

Instead Vinod seems content to peddle the racism accusation in support of some unclear agenda but clearly involves whipping up anti-Australian views and to incite racism towards all Australians within India. (if you don't know what I'm on about here or who is Vinod Mehta, try reading this). This my friend is called incitement to racism punishable by law in some countries if not in India (where it seems to be OK). This makes me wonder about the concept of racism in India ... perhaps its really the norm?

Vinod refuses to accept that perhaps we aren't a nation of racists, and as anyone with much training in philosopy will tell you; it is impossible to prove the negative (ergo I can not prove that Australia is not a racist country). I believe that it is called "unfair burden" in legal terms.

Well dude, I don't want to sound defensive, but the reason (in my view) that you don't see Indians saying "Bloody Australian bastards, go home" (which you do actually) is because:
  • its mostly said in forums which are not English language based and thus noone notices and reports this
  • Indians want our tourism dollars there in India where ordinary families and businesses (who are massively let down by the Indian Government) need the income provided by "white" tourists, since they know we'll Go Home after spending heaps, there is no problems
not because there is any significant difference between Indians and Australians, though I bet it feels better to say this after we beat you in the Cricket. Say, this is an interesting point ... wikipedia seems to suggest the following data on the Indian Cricket Team:


More losses to Australia, more losses to England, more losses to Pakistan (whom we all know they hate). After the bitching about racism in the last test match I wonder if I'm on to something here? It must be hard being a such a monumental looser while having a self image of being such a super power (look at their nuclear arms projects).

Do we see screams of racism when they loose to Pakistan? Probably not, and probably because the slur ("you're a racist") would have no weight in that context. They cry racist to us because they know it will stir at our hearts ... mostly because we worry about what others think of us.

So with evidence (nasty stuff that, known to cause sufferers of Cranial Inversion to get a rash) suggesting the recent "worst crimes" against Indians in Australia seem to be committed by Indians or as an act of fraud the case for the screaming and rattling seems to diminish.

This is inconvenient isn't it ... oh well ... never let the truth get in the way of a personal theory.

Having worked with a few Indians (both in India and in Japan) I can say that admitting your wrong is something which is seldom done (personally never seen or heard of it, but I won't say never done). I guess thats a social thing in India, but in Australia its the mark of a respectable person.

Being able to say "shit, I made a mistake, I'm wrong about that" ... takes guts.

I guess you won't see that coming out of Vinod's mouth any time. Shit, saying this probably makes me racist again... oh dear I'm just making it worse for myself.

I've said before we need to look carefully at what's happening over there in India, as things are changing, and this rhetoric is perhaps an indication the Indians are actually setting up for a return to the rule of an Empire like Ashoka the great ... meanwhile poor old Ghandi is turning in his grave.


Charles Maclauchlan said...

Knowing so very little about Australia (although I have family there) I am enjoying your musings on the issues surrounding racism. I will pass on one piece of advice if I may: if ever accused of racism the only response is to say that you are not...that's it. As you point out the business of proving a negative is a losers game.

The accusation is startling and one's first impulse seems to be a quick mental search for proof otherwise. Just say no if the accusation is unfounded, challenge them for the proof. Each of you may learn something.

obakesan said...

Hi Charles

thanks for the advice (always welcome), I agree. Don't know why I bother really ...

Don't know if it was there when you read it, but I did put a bit about the difficulty of proving the negative :-)

say, seen the new Olympus micro 4/3?

lookin really temptin (although as you know I already own a G1)


Charles Maclauchlan said...

Hi Chris:
I had a quick peek at the new Olympus. There may in fact be a camera like this in my future. I'm trying to avoid it but I really appreciate small, highly capable cameras as opposed to large highly capable cameras. I have been known to have problems with G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome).

I shoot a lot of film in many different sizes, Ektar 100 is my favorite. To soothe my G.A.S. I have taken to scouring Goodwill stores (second hand store) for used film cameras. I found a pristine Olympus XA with the attached flash unit a few days ago. Total cost was $3.00. It will replace the phenomenal Contax TVS which I left on the roof of my car as I sped away.

obakesan said...

left on the roof!


have to try this ektar stuff ... keep hearing its good