Friday, 19 February 2010

are The Australian a lost cause?

I read this article and just shook my head. Titled:
"Ill-fated scheme goes out with a whimper"
it just seems to be written by some student of propaganda with a totally out of control or any sense of proportion .

Stuff like:

Then, too, there was the Melbourne woman, who just yesterday thought she'd hired an insulator, but found a masturbator.
what, are you some sort of dunny wall failed limerick writer?

and then:

but for the ghosts of the four men dead, including a young man with a learning disability.

right, again we see unethical contractors at work, and you blame the Government? Take a look else where for the blame on this one ... unless you reckon that's ok and you'd do the same to some poor bloke ...

to further erode any sense of decency or social comprehension...
There was the story of a violent criminal going around to private homes to lay batts. He'd served time in prison for all the things you'd want in a home insulation guy: false imprisonment, sexual assault, conspiracy to murder.

so, your making an oblique statement that our "rehabilitation system" is a total failure as someone who has been rehabilitated should be treated as a criminal ... perhaps you should raise that as a real agenda rather than persecute individuals?

Just three days ago, Garrett was telling reporters the program hadn't failed; in fact, it was a big success. He then went out and had a look at an angle-headed gecko.

well, he is the ENVIRONMENT MINISTER, what else should he be looking at? You wanking in public with your prose? Perhaps you thought he was the roof insulation minister?

Basically your piece is saying that without a touch nanny state that Australians will just rip other Australians off, that no contractor in the building industry has any ethics... hmm, I'm not touching that one. Either way ... is that the misters fault?

I would feel personally ashamed of this piece if I was the editor.

Unless of course the real purpose of The Australian has become a shonky rag to sensationalise stories to the unthinking and try to peddle a change of government ... now that looks like the real thing to me.

Feedin the chooks again mate?

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Noons said...

"no contractor in the building industry has any ethics"

Ayup!... :)
Having been at the receiving end of a shonky builder with our house, couldn't agree more!

Incredible the crap that passes for jornalism in The Australian! What next? Perhaps Garrett should not go outside at all?