Wednesday, 24 February 2010

things bogans hate

a friend of mine has a cute blog called "Things Bogans Like"

Its rather a laugh, pop over and have a giggle if you have time.

Anyway, this morning I was reminded of things bogans hate ... being dopes in public when they should be showin off to the missus an the mates. This dope forgot to engage his front hubs, and his back quietly sank into the sunrise.. despite the valiant effort of one lone fisherman (who was sick of laughing) they had to pull out the shovels.
naturally we all offered advice.

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Noons said...

Ah yes, I do remember well the pranks at the 4WD club with the front wheel hubs!
Then they invented the auto ones and the full0-time 4WD drive-trains and half the fun of off-road went away...