Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Google Notebook lovers rejoyce

I have been avoiding upgrading my Firefox for some time because the plugin for Google Notebook won't seem to work.

However I have for other reasons been forced to upgrade and of course at 3.6 there is no support for the old notebook xpi file

However we seem to have a temporary fix. From the comments in this blog:

My FF3.6 stop to work, so i find (here) a link to the "Chinese Post" and follow the tips:
1. Execute about:config
2. Add this key(note: final "3.6" is my version): extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6
3. Value "False"
4. Restart my FF and Notebook works fine, again! I just don't know for while
Good Luck and waiting a new "xpi" version.

I did just this and it works!

There was much rejoicing!

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