Monday, 24 May 2010

Backyard spiders

One of the things I find interesting about my home is the amount of neat garden spiders we have. This one seems to love living in my frangipanni tree.

Just for some sense of scale to this image the ends of the branch there are about 3cm thick, so its a fat blobby spider.

I've had a similar species of spider living in my garden in the bougainvillea for some time. That spider looks very very similar but has different markings, so I don't know if this means that the spider is a sub-species or simply changes its exterior colourings and hairs to match.

btw ... never plant bougainvillea if you can avoid it ... nasty climbing weed with horrible thorns.

Back to the spider, the web stretches a few meters across my back garden.

if you don't see it there, then in the zoom in on that image below it should appear a little clearer (use the background to place the location).

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Jao said...

Wow that is quite a spider there!