Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Greece and the EU

Read this morning that Greece is protesting about their fuck up of their affairs and that they are somehow expected to be responsible for their own mismanagement.

The article suggests that they are now hoarding gold coins amid "... fears that Greece may leave the euro zone. "

I'm guessing that the fears are amid the Greek citizens.

Protests are including burning the EU flag.

Source AFP

Well if Greeks are protesting that the EU has done them harm I'd suggest they look carefully at the balance sheets of money in vs money out of their country from the EU.

... but then that probably wouldn't work, they don't seem to be good with finance anyway.

I guess that very few of the the EU nations will be weeping about them pulling out.


Noons said...

LOL! Too true...

Charles Maclauchlan said...

I find it very interesting in a macabre sense that while this country (USA) is cramming government run health care down our throats, which we neither want nor can afford, Greece is being encouraged to reduce their government health care to save money.

Reminds me of Dana Rosana Dana

Anonymous said...

Greece has been ruined by plundering and a lack of intervent in the economy (by the state and its agencies).
It's not because of a public sanitary system.
The great part of the most civilized countries, for example north european states, have a public health system of great quality.
But it's a luxury for underpopulated and rich countries, both France and Italy have free access to any kind of terapies, even for illegal immigrants.
And the average quality, albeit lacking a few highlights (compared to USA), have a much better level of assistance for the average citizen.
Health is like water, it's a right.
It has more to do with the dignity of human beings than with business.

obakesan said...

Dear Anon

thanks for your comment. I'm not any kind of expert (and perhaps that's a good thing listening to some of the experts) but it seems to me that Greece's problem may stem from the corruption inside its state Government as well as the attitudes towards work ethich which my Australian Greek friends have reported to me exists in Greece (NB don't give a shit, expect a job, welfare mentality)

I believe that there are in reality few rights for a human and those which exist in law are in fact granted by governments which were once driven by people reacting against dictators and monarchs. A quick glance at the modern world shows (to me) a trend back towards governments being increasingly disparate from the people and an erosion of what we once took for granted as freedoms.

I notice everyone is quick to holler about rights, but noone seems willing to accept the responsibility which rights should come with.

this is of course just how I see things ... maybe I'll see things differently in the future?