Friday, 27 August 2010

children vs childish

I was reading the paper this morning and spotted this one:

Come on folks if some one had dressed as Edi Amin (aside from noone knowing how he was) or Ivan the Terrible there would be no need to apologise?

... and Grim Reaper, what you've never seen a Halloween party? Gosh this is sounding like the parents should all go and become Amish or something.

I can imagine children acting like children, but the parents should not be so childish.

History is history, we all know what the Fascist government of Germany did at that time and we all know that Hitler was the leader and responsible for all of it. However mindless iconisation of him personifying evil are pointless and perhaps even false. Hitler was just as much made into what he was by the allied appeasement. His own journal writings suggest that if the Europeans had followed Churchils call for him to get out of Austria then he would have done so.

As adults the parents should be a little less childish and teach their children history and not just a highly stylized version of it.


Noons said...

Exactly! A lot of the image of Hitler as a "monster" is cheap propaganda, which unfortunately folks nowadays are ill equiped to detect.
Of course nazi Germany was bad and there was a lot of horror in the nazi ideal, but Hitler was not the regime in as much as the regime was not him!
And anyone claiming a kid in disguise of Hitler is worse than Dracula or Frankenstein at Halloween, quite frankly, needs a vacation!

LensBubbles said...

Our societies have become more and more politically correct. I think it's time to put a stop to it.