Monday, 9 August 2010

the smart one gives up first

We were camping on the weekend (had a great time too) and on the first morning we found that we had given some new competition to the the local splendid wren.

My wife heard something going "thump" from the early hours of the morning (from inside the tent) and it seems that it was this little fella taking exception to the new wren trying to muscle in on his territory.

All morning he'd been whapping himself at the mirror, flying in to attack the other bird.

The problem is the other bird didn't pull back or 'chicken out' ... thump

After breakfast and no sign of him stopping (his "wife" even joined in attacking that other hot chick) we thought we'd better cover the mirrors.

you know ... so he wouldn't brain himself on the mirror.

This wasn't entirely successful as he already knew there was another bird around. Can you see his reflection there beside him?

You guessed it ... pretty soon he did too!

Hey, so that's where he went ... So soon he was all over the car

hassling that bird in there ...

We went for a walk for a few hours (what else would you do), up to the end of the creek where it came out into the surf. There were some pied oyster catchers and a bunch of terns.

It was lovely out there ... but when we came back in the after noon we found he was still at it ...

There is a saying in Finland that fits this, they say
"fiksumpi antaa periksi"
which means "the smarter one gives up first"

So I moved the car