Saturday, 26 February 2011

the facebook demographic?

I've always thought the health was important (being some one who has struggled to regain and maintain my own in the past). Being the recipient of life saving transplant surgery myself I do value the role of the modern medicine and that skills of the surgeon, however there is a variety of surgery which I personally find distasteful and that is such which encourages people to remain living unhealthy lifestyles and offering them crutches to avoid facing the personal responsibility for their own actions.

This morning I checked my facebook account and found an add for just such a thing:

gastric banding ... I'm sure its got a place for chronically obese people, but advertising it in the main stream is something I find disgusting. I wonder why its on an ad on Facebook? Is it because there are so many facebook people who may find this advertisement attractive?

To me it seems that its just like the actions of drug companies who try to invent syndromes and problems in order push people onto drugs which they sell.

Eat well, exersize frequently and enjoy your life. Its a beautiful world, so go out and enjoy it ... no matter where you live.


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