Monday, 7 February 2011

weekend at Binna Burra: now a GH1 owner


after a while I've decided to buy a GH1 to give myself video (should I like to) over what my trust G1 has ... so enjoy a little motion picture from our weekend and a few test shots with FD lenses, shallow depth of field and manual focus as well as the standard kit zoom

at first I wasn't sure if it was Youtube that rendered this video such mush, but it turns out to be the Windows Live Movie Maker that comes with Win 7 ... sucks so hard it could pull a golf ball through 10 meters of garden hose....


Jao said...

Looks like a fun weekend. I miss Australia. We're in dead winter here.

LensBubbles said...

Wish we had some of your weather there. All we are getting right now is snow and extreme cold.

The video of the GH1 looks nice. I am thinking of getting a used one as well, to replace the G1. I much prefer the usability of the G1/GH1 over the NEX cameras.

obakesan said...

Dear LensBubbles

I'm really missing skiing, so its funny how the grass is always greener.

Back in Finland I was often pissed off while scraping ice off the car to go anywhere ... particularly in Autumn