Monday, 24 October 2011

tracks in the sand

One of my the bloggers I follow (Jao) recently did a post on animal tracks in the sand ... this made me think of the times I'd seen similar stuff here.

These are from a sand blow ... not far from this point

Its really good to be up in the early morning before people are up ... everything is quiet and you can see the tracks of those gone earlier in the day.

There's lizards up and around in the early morning

and this crab too


Jao said...

Nice. Your comment was right on. Finding such tracks somehow makes it feel more unspoiled. I found many more tracks from birds, lizards, insects and others that morning too.

obakesan said...

Thanks Jao

its not just unspoiled, but also alive. That its more than pictures of landscapes, they're eco systems that live and breath without the disturbance of humanity.

I hope a few from my side of the Pacific get a few glimpses of your side too