Sunday, 18 December 2011

My local little bit of bush

One of the things about living in the same house for 40 years is that you get to see changes in the local area. Some for the worse others for the better.

At the bottom of my hill is a small creek and a bit of bushland. This bank of the creek was actually used by the railway that once connected Southport to Brisbane (till it was closed, but that's another story of political corruption, not today).

When I was a kid this little strip of bush was just that. Naturally it also looked a bit scraggly too. It was none the less fun to play in.

About 10 years ago (while I was living in asia) some locals got together and tried to clean it up by clearing out dumped rubbish, ripping out some of the feral weeds. Now the place is looking almost like a park. The old railway line forms a natural path through the strip of bush and there are markers to aid in learning a bit about what species is what.

Its so nice to see this all being done in what is essentially the commons, not someone's back yard

Hats off to my community members

(posted from my mobile while doing some walking around)

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