Friday, 28 January 2011

how wrong thinking perpetuates false facts

Why do people just go on repeating things, with no concept of the meaning of what they are saying. Its how, once something gets into the public consciousness its hard to get rid of it. Stupid shit like "the world is the center of the solar system" perpetuates because the people in charge of communications perpetuate it.

Climate Change is currently all the rage and quite a significant contentious issue, but it shits me to tears when people (who don't have a clue) pull out current buzz words to jazz up their articles.

Here's a classic example:

Looking into the article we see something completely different; its raising taxes for repairing the flood damage ... Susan either has no idea that the flood is not linked to Climate Change or is simply trying to make her headline stand out from the pack of other writers.

However she essentially does her small part in confusing the public and perpetuating the mis-information about climate issues. If you have any interest in understanding why I say this is not related to "Climate Change" I encourage you to listen to this podcast with Professor Stewart Franks, interviewed recently on the ABC

Susan, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
So, what she really should have written was "Australia raises a tax to assist in flood recovery"

more accurate and to the point.

Attributing things to wrong causes simply makes defeating that thing easier when there is no relationship found. So when people identify that there is no link to climate change the will rightly attack the levy for the wrong reasons.

Susan ... stop being part of the problem.


Charles Maclauchlan said...

OK so the floods closed the Australian coal mines most responsible for global warming. Whew. Just in time I say. Does that mean the catastrophic cold and snow crippling major parts of the US (and other countries) will cease. Just think...all that was necessary was the closure of some coal mines. Ain't nature grand. When the media, press, movies and TV are full of empty heads spouting whatever their nincompoop interpretations of junk science nature steps in and shows us the way. Well done.

obakesan said...


what ever it takes to stand by our USA buddies ... we'll take the floods if that stops global warming giving you lower temperatures and snows.

Aussies and Yanks have stood by each other for years ... and we'll continue to do it!


Charles Maclauchlan said...

there you go. We knew we could count on you.
So glad you "avoided the bullet" on this latest storm. Frankly I had a look at the radar image of the cyclone as it was building and was worried for you. It appeared to be Continent size as it first hit.