Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year trip

We went down to visit family over the new year (and check out some camping areas). We had intended to go camping, but the flooding and rains put us off a little

We dropped in to Ebor Falls on the way through as its a personal favourite of mine. Its always hard to get good shots of the area due to the contrasty nature of Australian scenery. I didn't have 35mm neg on hand so I had a go at HDRI's hand held and tested out the new changes in Photomatix 4 for processing.


I also liked this image looking back up the valley more or less into the sun.


While we were back in the carpark my wife noticed a "funny Kookaburra" up in the tree. It seemed to me to be a young one recently out of the nest. The G1 with the FD300 does quite a good job of birds.

young Kookaburra

Tail feathers weren't well formed and he had a stumpy beak still. Again I used Photomatix 4 to process and convert this RAW image into a nicely tonemapped rendering. Does quite a good job

We had a great time and there was some wonderful scenery in the New England area (while Queensland suffers under the floods)

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Noons said...

At last you got some sunny weather!
From what I've seen in the tele, it's been even worse than when I was last there in Nov!
Interesting that Photomatix stuff. Does a good job of "mellowing" out the contrast.