Wednesday, 12 January 2011

benefits of a disaster

Just listening to the ABC radio and the announcer was speaking from the flood evacuation center and she had some interesting observations.

She said that it seemed that despite the circumstances that a modern generation who had never known anything other than convenience were seeing past possessions, past politics to the community spirit that they were experiencing. They were seeing the people helping people (helping them) and that really everything was going to be all right.

wow ...

You know, that's about the best thing I've heard for years.

So if we can keep this sence of community, this knowledge that the real social networking is people talking to people then perhaps it has been worth it.

my best wishes for all those who have lost everything in the floods. I hope you get back on your feet again fast.



Anonymous said...

This may be selling the current generation a bit short; as the number of "modern generation" people I saw immediately jumping into volunteer lines and queueing to assist people was massive. They don't need to be shown they will be helped; they're leaping up to help straight away.

obakesan said...

Hi Colin

wasn't trying to sell them short, but you never know what you can do till theres a test ... they say people show their colours in adversity and it looks like everyone has passed with flying colours.