Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nokia E72 vs iPhone4

Yesterday I took a shot of a rainbow and interesting skies. One of my colleagues took a shot too (he has an iPhone 4). He just sent it to me and I was surprised by the comparison. I just assumed that the iPhone 4 would be quite a bit better.

But here is what I got.



Now, 2 segments at 100%. You'll have to click on them to load 100% as blogger sizes them to fit the page ...



Phones were just used without any fiddling with settings.

Surprisingly the Nokia has more detail and less noise. I was surprised how well the Nokia E72 did. I just wish I could find ways to undo the stupid shit that Nokia did with some of the software (such as email and eediotic predictive text) on the phone. It would pretty much be a perfect phone

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LensBubbles said...

For one thing, the Nokia has way better and more accurate white balance whereas the iPhone 4 has a yellow cast. I have an iPhone 4 but hardly use it as a camera, except to take "notes".