Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nokia E72 vs iPhone4s

Just for completeness, and since one of the fellas here at work has a 4s I thought I'd round out the quick comparison between the Nokia E72 and the iPhones as a camera

First the overviews:

Nokia E72

iPhone 4s

Clearly the cameras both made slightly different exposure decisions. None were adjusted or biased by settings. Personally I think that the Nokia did a better job of getting in the entire scene without blow-outs of the whites. That's just my thoughts though. Also it would seem that the angle of view of the iPhone is a bit wider than that of the Nokia. So this would give the Nokia a slight advantage in needing to squeeze in less image onto the same pixels ...

Now, at 100% pixel view ..

Nokia E72

iPhone 4s

Personally I think that the iPhone is less well sharpened than the Nokia is (and I'm sure both apply some cunning sharpening on the image). I think that if you want a better shot than either of these use a proper camera.

Certainly both are good enough to make the owners of either wonder why they'd take a snapshot camera anywhere anymore.

So there you have it

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