Thursday, 3 May 2012

emotional arguments

Twitter abounds with dribble. Its the nature of the media.

One thing for sure though is you can tell when an argument has nothing factual to offer when pictures of Kids are dragged into it for no real reason.

all that's really missing here (apart from knowledge of what those numbers mean) is a Teddy bear or a puppy.

For those who don't know what those numbers mean, 0.2µSv/ hour adds up to what an aniline professional would be exposed to. For reference Australian background radiation about 0.2µSv per year. The determined safe limits for workers are typically 20mSv/year which is about 2.2µSv/hour or ten times less than what was being portrayed as 'shocking'

sad that this has happened ... but Shocking pic?

I'm hardly even sure its a fact

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