Monday, 7 May 2012

the old Railway Tunnel

Back when I was a kid we used to take our bikes out along the old railway track to the tunnel.

For those who didn't know it even existed here's a bit of background.

The old railway line used to run into Southport into Railway St back where the old sawmill was (and then Grand Motors and now some sort of used office furniture is). You can see the path in the disturbed path of real estate along the side of Nind St and along the back of St Hildas.

It then ran along the bottom of Jackman St and crossed Loders Ck and went up into the bush there on the right hand side of this picture.

There is a bicycle track from Wardoo St to Griffith Uni (you can see it in the red line on the right hand side of the above) which is also part of the railway track.

Since then the development in the area has mainly obliterated the rest track (making it impossible to bring trains into town anymore hence they go to Helensvale: wasn't that smart). So for anyone who ever went out there to explore the place (and the fun of going into the dark and drippy tunnel) years ago, here is something just for you

Been an amount of graffiti in there ...

and last the end which we approached from town ...

Some images from inside the tunnel

This one is from about 1/2 way through

Its interesting to see just how much paint tin rubbish is in the tunnel.

Interestingly there's nothing else (like no other rubbish) in there.

And the recent rains seem to have swept them all to one end ...

So, there ya go


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very interesting, thanks.

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Very cool

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