Friday, 22 June 2012

The gas heating of the floor last nights data

Good morning :-)

this is the plot of no heating

and this is that for heated till bed time

you can see a distinct change in rate of temp loss in the period soon after I shut down heat

so an outcome of ~17.3ºC as an outcome instead of 15.4ºC assuming the same over night temps.

Quick back of the envelope calcs on the gas:
  • based on gas early usage estimates a 9kg will last 11 days (using till 10pm)
  • adding full night probably reduces this to 5 days
  • $20 for a 9Kg cylinder means about $20 a week.
Quick compare to elec tariff 11 = 22c/kWh - $20 would mean a budget of 90KwH
An Air Con system would use of about 6kWh so would be about 15 hours or not as much (based on the AC system that Monica and Bob have on the corner)

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