Wednesday, 27 June 2012

up up and away ...

Well I got a notice in the mail today from the power company letting me know that both parts of my power bill are going up. That would be the 'regular supply' and my 'off peak' (Tariff 33)

What is most interesting however is that the off peak power is raising to such an amount as to be unattractive. Clearly they want to drive people away from 'off peak'
Which is interesting as I'd say that the majority of off peak setups on this here in Queensland will be hot water systems.
I can only guess that the extra 'feed into the grid' of rooftop solar (no its not stored) has meant that peak management is harder now (either that or its a money grab)
I've plotted the ratio of the prices on this graph to make that clearer, but where it was earlier nearly half price for off peak power (and on Tarrif 33 the energy supplier decides even when you get that energy), it is now only about 25% cheaper than regular power which I can use as I choose and can rely on it being there.

I'm not sure if I've ever lived anywhere else where we see power prices doubling in such a short time. I guess this is one of those changes we aren't going to see with the Carbon Tax.

Hmm ... wonder how I can work smarter on this one?

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