Saturday, 27 October 2012

twaddle that shits me

I know that religious people mean well but sometimes they just don't think things through. Stuff like this gets right up my nose at the moment

OK, so right after he arranged / oversaw the death of my father and then the death of my wife just to make sure I felt like shit ... he decides to carry me cos I'm feeling like shit

or perhaps he just isn't there at all.

As I see it there are one set of footprints because right now I'm on my own with no one (least of all god) looking after me.

Unless you can think up a good reason to explain why my perfectly healthy wife just dies from an aggressive brain cancer? Oh you mean god had no power over that? Too hard for him? ... or is it "just the mysteries we can't understand?"

or perhaps he just isn't there at all and its all a mental crutch for the feeble.

If he is there then he's doing his best to make my life hard now. Wonder if the house will burn down next?

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