Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mad grows up

as a kid I loved Mad Magazine. It was a fun read. Of course we never thought about who the kid on the cover was, but I've started to figure out who he is now.

If you ever read ZeroHedge you'll see that many of the posts are done by Tyler Durden. Reading today its pretty clear Tyler is doing some interesting journalism

wow ... the biggest drop since 20 years ago. Well looking at the various indexes on the web (after they've published) we see on Yahoo.

that its a little widdy piddle down over there on the right, with much bigger devaluations in March 2013 and July 2013.

The picture on Google (zoomed into today) ...

does indeed show a massive ramp up in USD, its a pitty that taking that in a larger historical context (you know, like as little as 5 years)

reveals it the even more of a piddle that Yahoo short timescale charts reveal.

I believe that Tyler has spent too much time in the wrong places when growing up, and has picked up some distinctly bad journalistic habits. This hidden camera shows Tyler doing 'research' on the latest thing...

Tyler ... you really should start looking at taking the red pill rather than the twisted dream you're living.

But then he's just a Poe Boy from a Poe family. Well at least that's what the Raven said to me

I bet King Wang subscribes to ZeroHedge.

Long live the King.

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