Thursday, 6 February 2014

the zombie apocalypse is upon us

I was recently looking at some work where a fellow was showing how legacy camera lenses could work on the new Full Frame Sony a7 camera (hang on, just needed to wipe drool ... ok got it) and I saw this picture published

My immediate reaction was WTF, they're all on the phone ...
Almost every person in the image is looking at either a phone or a tablet (marked with red) except one guy (who's reading an actual news paper!!!) and the cop in the street (marked with blue circle and wearing a blue cap)

One guy seems to be taking a breather from the phone stare ... and looks like some gulping fish I dragged into the boat when out fishing. I'm not sure if he's still 'converting' or if he's starting the next stage ... perhaps he's wearing Google Glasses?

As Spock would say ... "fascinating"


Anonymous said...

Heh. Fascinating, indeed. This was hilarious. Thanks, Obakesan. :)

G. Ola said...

Good. I want to post this. G.olafsson