Friday, 7 March 2014

a thump

The snow is receding around here and so while the lake is still carrying weight (and not too wet) I thought I'd go for a walk out to one of the islands in the middle.

There was just enough icy snow left in places where you could have skied but it was windy and sleeting, and most of all the tracks to the lake are not skiable at the moment, so like others I walked.

Out on the island there is a small cabin which seems like the sort of place where people go for small conferences or some sorts of meetings or workshops. I'd never been out there before and so thought I'd make the time to have a gander myself.

As I approached the building I could see that there was a  broken window. Initially I thought "ouh bugger, someone has come all the way out here just to break a window".

But as I got closer I could see that it wasn't vandalism but just a small tragedy of nature.

I think its a Grouse. Not wanting to cut myself I thought I'd just leave it all for the people who'll have to fix the window.

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Charles Maclauchlan said...

when asked about pizza slicing I ask for 9. As they look at me like I'm the worlds biggest a$$ hole I'll capitulate..."OK! 7 if that's easier for you."