Friday, 7 March 2014

Sony caves in to megapixel madness

Just after I was saying of the A7 that less megapixels and more innovation would be better, I read this:

great ... so expect 50MB RAW files with no extra information in them over what you'll already see in the A7R (which is 36MPixels). Just in time to fill those 64GB cards you've just bought ;-)

I hope they're going to back this up with some capable lenses, with DxO making it clear that most lenses today are good for about 12 ~ 18 P-Megapixels of resolution. The best lens available for the Sony is rated at 29P-Megapixels and even then thats when used on the A7R, which records 36MP.

sigh ...

Personally I'd like to see innovation in the sensors as I'd be satisfied with even 16Megapixels but getting a good 16 bits worth of dynamic range out of the images (instead of 12 or less that we currently get).

To me the issue of having the consumers drive the market is that frequently the consumersjust don't have a clue about the subject. Genuine innovation goes because the consumers drive the market direction instead of the professionals. Consumers would never have directed the creation of the OM-1 nor the OM-4ti and certainly not hi dynamic range sensors like the SuperCCD.

How many slices did you want your pizza 6 or 8?  

Oh 6 please I couldn't eat 8

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