Wednesday, 8 October 2014

the Blood Moon


downunder we (in theory) got to witness the lunar eclipse tonight. Well, the clouds made it difficult (read impossible) to do a sequence of the moons phases with any sort of regularity, so with that excuse made, here are some shots from tonight.

for reference, the full moon is by definition in full sunlight, so its a daylight exposure, or about 250th f4 @ ISO100 ... then


hmmm getting darker

and the redness starts to appear (and man does the shutter speed lengthen)

totality, where its really dark

and something nice to show off the colours

sorry its a bit blurry, but you know, it is moving at about 3600Km/H right ... and at this point it was a 1 second exposure f4 @ ISO 1600

So a quick and dirty sequence


1 comment:

kinkuro said...

It's so beautiful. I am happy to see this.
I lost the show on that night.
Arigatou, Chris san :-)