Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Weekend trip to Oulu

well I spent the weekend away visiting friends. Took a few snaps along the way, so no, this isn't a plug for the sights and night life of Oulu.

As seems to be my wont I took some typical landscapes exploring themes I like. This one was at a totally fog shrouded lake, with the sun clearly not far above the fog (note red hue to right)

as always Digital (as opposed to negative film) makes it very hard (read impossible) to work with high contrast lighting (and not get blowouts) but the attraction is of course ease of use and speed at which I can get results. Having just got back I have these and am not still waiting (then needing to scan).

A little further down the road and I was stopped by the gorgeous image of the sun just sinking below the tree line and the mist lowering to just knee height ... this was the best image I could rescue from that ...

but the foreground pine trees are devoid of the rich greens I  saw with my eyes and the mist hardly noticeable..

My friend ...

and her husband and kids (playing Egg on my phone)

I had a great time and it was nice to walk out onto the sea (frozen) and see ice (normally dense snow in Oulu) and see fantastic patterns (I left my camera back in the house) that were simply the most beautiful thing I'd seen in a while.

On the way home I passed a few old sheds and just had to indulge myself again

and further up the hill this one..

It was a nice break and good to drive up the guts of Finland and see some scenery I'd not seen before (last time I was on a bus).

I had lots of time to think and think that I've come to some understandings of things about myself and my future.

(NOTE: everything here has been edited from camera RAW on my phone with Snapseed)


Yu-Lin Chan said...

Looks like everywhere in Finland is photo opportunity. The views are breathtakingly beautiful.

gnarlydog said...

Stunning images this time. Snow and low diffused light really appeal to me (grew up in that environment) and you captured it rather well. The sheds in the snow convey to me a sense of melancholia while highlighting the harshness of life up North. More of images like this. Thank you.