Saturday, 29 June 2019

lighting my way

The scooter (well and my bicycles in the past too) needed a headlight, I liked the look of this one on eBay and the price was good too

As soon as I took it out of the package I was clear that it just wouldn't sit on the bars. Sure enough, I was right, first ride and its just drooping down with every bump, it was utterly annoying. I was having to re-orient it every bump.

Then after I got home and was just chilling, it occurred to me: "Say, I wonder if I hung it upside down would that equate to the same angle I wanted it to be on".

Bugger me but it did!

Its perfect in this orientation and (bonus) I don't need to even have that rubber strap very tight at all, so its not likely to snap and render it useless quick smart. Its so perfect it makes me wonder if the designer intended this but the marketing were too dumb to understand?

So if you buy one of these lights (and it seems pretty good actually) then make sure its under the bar because its "well hung".


PS: as the question was asked if it actually stacked up to its claimed lumens I thought I'd measure it.

So, there you go


Bren said...

Can you share the link to where i can order one of these lights?

obakesan said...

Bren, I'm in Australia, but I bought this one

That should start you on a search of eBay that's amenable to where you live :-)