Sunday, 30 June 2019

Mercane on local country roads (longer ride)

I thought I'd take the Mercane out today and just do a trip down to the gorge road and back. Mixture of light hills with a few shorter steep ones.

I left at about 1:22pm, stopped a few times for a few minutes to play with some settings and make a quick video and got back at about 1:50pm, so about 28min all in all.

Here is the route:

with a short run up the hill to visit a mate.

Battery start V = 52.3 at the end of the trip the battery was still showing 47.9V (which is just below 3.7V per cell). Not a bad showing and I guess that while I could push another 5 or so km out of them without going below "undesirable" levels of discharge (and perhaps impacting life). So basically a 2.3V drop over the trip.

I started on Eco, but quickly decided to just run it on Full and used cruise control for the trip. Eco was giving me 19kmh on the flats while Full was giving me 24 (I did not used "uleashed")

Because I don't have any way to edit video on this laptop, you'll have to accept just one installment.

A quick look at Google shows that there is quite some climbs in that

And while you aren't drawing much power on the downhills the uphills suck it out harder than the downhills "rest the battery" (and even if it had recovery braking, I would not have benefited because I wasn't slowing down by brakes much).

I had a lovely time.

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