Tuesday, 7 April 2020

MX60 - first inspection and tweak

Although when I got it I naturally went over all the bolts (and found the rear-suspension ones needing a tweak), I thought this rainy weekend provided a good opportunity for a pull down.

So, I put this video together of what I did and some observations about the scoot during it.

I made mention of some points on the suspension which need an occasional eye too.

I started talking about the battery, and later decided I'd do a pull down of that too to see what was inside the battery box and if I could see anything to help me with why it has two connectors. Sadly I'm still a bit mystified.

So with the screws off I could lift the case lid (body aluminium ends plastic) and see what was in there.

I was both surprised and in some ways pleased to see that it contained a regular battery pack of the type that I can easily buy on AliExpress.

although I'm left a little mystified as to the charging arrangements. Essentially there are the following wires going in/out of the pack:

  • power wires coming out leading to the XT-90 connector to the motor systems (the thickest ones) 
  • two pairs of wires (one pair each from the pair of charging ports)
  • one very small pair of wires for the voltage / SoC indicator on the battery
So in essence this does not answer my primary questoin, but at least I know that if I need a new battery it's a simple matter to slide a new one in there and wire it. Nice.

The MX60 then continues to show its well thought out build quality and ease of maintenance ... I mean anyone who's pulled apart (tried to pull apart?) one of the other high power scooters (Zero 10x and clones ...) knows how bloody hard it can be to get at the battery pack (let alone service anything else).

So from an ownership / service perspective the MX-60 is even easier to work on than the Widewheel (well except for its heavy to haul around).

I can say so far its entirely met my expectations

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