Monday, 7 December 2009

shonky education places

Just reading this post on the Australian warning chinese students to be aware of institutions that

... "mainly enrol international students under a short-term business model based upon education as export"

sounds fair and wise to me.

I'm just sad that its got to the stage that this sort of shit is common enough in Australia as to come to the attention of the Chinese government.

gotta ask though ... wonder who's setting these up?

... and why on earth should anyone be worried about the impact of this? Shit do you want to have a reputation for being party to shonky education rip offs? I sure don't.

reading this bit is interesting:
Australia has almost 150,000 Chinese students who ... fund an estimated quarter of all Australian university teaching
hmm ... personally I think Australian Universities should not be used as income methods as it sets up conflict of interest issues. I recall at Griffith Uni there was an incident where an academic who had a view about something related to China was "ordered" to retract his viewpoint or all Chinese access to Griffith would be blocked ... many of those students are studying in china by "distance education". This essentially allows China to exert influence on our education system.

Dangerous if you ask me

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Noons said...

Indeed. We've had successive governments that have turned around to the unis and said: "get your own moolah, or else..."

The result? What you described!...