Sunday, 15 January 2012

backyard nature

One of the things that I find fascinating about insects is their machine like symmetry and precision.

We grow some (quite) small cherry tomatoes in the back yard which are about 2cm in diameter. The other day when bringing some in from the garden my wife noticed some insect had carefully laid some beautiful silver seeds on one of the tomatoes.

it was almost like someone had decorated the tomato with small silver dots.

Looking closer you can see they are actually a thin shelled egg...

and here you can even see the perforations around the tops of the egg where the grub will break out.

can't wait to see what comes out


Charles Maclauchlan said...

Those are insect eggs? Incredible

Anonymous said...

it´s little alien code. they are after your tomatoes :D
(this comment is from Kikka)

Colin Griffiths said...

Incredible, nature is just amazing. When I first saw the images I thought you had gone all "Man Ray" on us!

obakesan said...

Colin, well I had to go look that up. Funny thing is there is another creature has laid something which resembles a barnacle on our 'kangaroo paw' which I thought to include in there too, and found that Man Ray also seemed attracted to that flower too :-)

writergenn said...

Try this link -

looks like you have spiny stink bugs, either that or the aliens have got bored with crop circles.