Tuesday, 10 January 2012

real estate nuts

I should be writing something else at the moment (heck and I should be scanning some film too) but I just came back from the shops and had to share what I saw there.

It is said that "Nature abhorres a vacuum" and in the (albeit small) space left by the withdrawal of the real estate spruikers some other organisms have moved in to fill the void (or was it just elbowed in).

Yes, that's right! In the land of real estate value stagnation packed with retiring baby boomers who can only think "bricks and mortar" as "safe investment"we now have people from the land of the sub-prime crash trying (desperately?) to off-load stuff from there here.

So with all the doom and gloom in the race to flogg off over priced Australian real estate it simply MUST be time to look over the fence to where the grass must be greener.

Don't have the bucks right now, well how about this great offer..


I guess that they must figure that there are so many cashed up de-leaveraged Australians looking to re-invest after getting out of Sydney or Melbourne living here on the Goldie that haven't heard about why these houses are so cheap.

I notice that the wording is cute:

* the finance is guaranteed (they may even guarantee you a negative return too if asked)

* the rent return isn't guaranteed but the text is positioned close, so that must count for something (right?)

* the deposit is only $30,000

But it all gets better as they have FREE EDUCATION WORKSHOPS too.

I see on this part great news ... they offer you a chance to win a free trip to the USA or Thailand

presumably since the houses are in the USA and not Thailand (but one wonders) if the free trip you may win is to anywhere near where these houses may be?

so if you're a real estate nut (or just have a screw loose) then you know who to call. Don't tell them I sent you

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