Monday, 24 December 2012

chest wound progress

Chest wound / post 'debridement' operation

Day 1 (the morning after surgery, which was the 23/11/2013 in normal international format)

a few days into it, first day of the VAC pac redressing.

today (the date of the blog post), 3 days after the VAC dressing has been removed.

its getting smaller and getting more 'well healed' looking

Merry Christmas

PS: Subsequent to this post the green muck that you can see on the chest in the above picture kept flowing. I then underwent a second debriement surgery in Feb 2013, and that looked a little worse.
The following image is taken 2 days post that debridement

Post debridement 2

things healed fast with the combination of the VAC and silver based dressings.


There were a few subsequent eruptions but the discharge has reduced significantly , especially in comparison to the first operation (which kept oozing green goo).

My present status (23/12/2013) is that the wound has healed and that so far nothing has erupted for a few months now. The last eruption was on 13th of August 2013

Chest wound

That settled over a matter of a week. Since then it has been quiet on the visible front with only intermittent grumbling in the mean time.

For now I remain on antibiotics (still).
I will update this post with further information as it comes to hand.


Anonymous said...

Well chris that is a great improvement I hope it continues that way for you.

Anne said...

Gosh, I just found this blog after reading your post on the valve replacement forum. That is certainly something to write home about - no wonder you are still taking antibiotics or it could be quite a risk for infection being open like that. Great that you have kept a photographic record !

Anne (paleogirl)