Sunday, 13 January 2013

Beauty and Humanity

Today I was down at the seaway again taking photographs for the 365 project I am in (take a photo a day every day).

I was struck by the amount of lazy asshole fishermen out there stuffing plastic bags in between the rocks or reeling off meters of fishing line.

I can't imagine in this day and age that these shitheads don't know the damage caused to marine life by just this behavior!

Shaking my head I toddle home.

On the way up a quiet street in my neighborhood I see a strange sight. It becomes clearer as I get closer.

It is a man leading a woman who is standing on a skateboard up the road. They are both in their 30's or 40's I guess.

As I pass them I think I recognise them, for I have seen a man walking around these parts with a woman who seems to suffer from a disease such as cerebral paulsy or something debilitating.

My wife and I often saw them crossing the road near this point and we often discussed his dedication to her and giving her quality of life by taking her outside for both exercise and health.

So when I saw them again, I think, yes there are lovely people in the human race to balance out the ignorant.


Anonymous said...

aLovely Chris I can relate to that story. I have just had another encounter with Lyndsay of sorts and yes all I can say is it is very true people don't understand. There are the few of us out there that care so much we do what we can just to get a smile on what I call special people. No bad pun intended, just my words,because we all are.


Noons said...

Back in my younger years I used to do a lot of fishing. A lot. And had a constant battle against leftover plastic bottles, line and other fishing doo-dahs.

Amazing how much line people just waste. I was constantly reusing found line as traces and other important bits of gear. And going to town with the fishing knife cutting the bird's nests into something less dangerous to marine life.

To this day I can't stop myself from cutting those silly plastic rings they put under plastic milk and soft drink bottle caps - seen too many animals cut and disfigured by those horrible things!...