Monday, 21 January 2013


its something which allows people to understand how others are feeling. Mostly I guess that its based on shared experience. If you've experienced the same thing (kicked your toe, burnt yourself, lost your wallet) you can really empathise with another.

Research suggests that parts of the brain that experience pain are ignited in similar ways in the empathic person (although not as intensely) as they are in the brain of the person experiencing the pain.

The reduction of activitity suggests that there are limits to the intensity of the experience of this. Which I actually think that is a good thing. I think its a sort of self defence mechanism, as some things are just too painful to go through if you don't have to.

I can't really explain how I've felt over this last few months. I also know that it is not over yet and I'm not entirely sure that its got any better or if I'm just better at coping with the pain. Often the moments are hours and there hours of those moments.

So to my friends who say they can't imagine how I'm feeling I'd just like you all to know that I'm glad of that.

Please don't be worried that you're not helping, simply because you don't feel you can understand what I am going though. I don't want you to really understand ... because of what that would mean for you.


Anonymous said...

Chris, none of your family will truly understand,and really wouldn't expect to. We as we have said are here for you and always will be. You are the only one in your situation nobody else can compare.


Fungus the Photo! said...

You are immortal, as is the lady you lost. The game continues....