Monday, 19 August 2013

Body and soul

Injuries happen from time to time and our body does a remarkable job of healing. This once mysterious thing (we have come to understand) comes from the bodies many cells. While we have one body it is made of many cells that also look after the job of healing eachother.

While our body is composed of many cells we have but one mind. Once upon a time we used the term soul more in daily language than mind. Stuff like "not a soul around" or even SOS (the old emergengy call) literally means Save Our Souls, and was not a cry for last rites but for physical rescue.

I have found that just like the body it is in the interaction with other minds (or in old language other souls) that healing can take place. Withdrawal into isolation is not the path to healing but more likely the path to madness.

I am lucky to be of the mind to speak and share my thoughts, also I am lucky to have many friends around me willing to listen and aid.

Today is the day she died. It has been quite an injury to my soul. Combined with the suffering of my surgical infection this has been a very difficult year.

To all of you I say thankyou, it has made this healing process possible. Without you all I would perhaps be a more scarred person than I am.

They say what does not kill you makes you stronger. Well perhaps I begin to see that I am a little stronger than before. Paradoxically I still feel weak.

Most of all I feel I miss her still...


Anonymous said...

May she rest in peace and you live in peace

Noons said...

Healing will come, mate. Hang in there, thinking of you.