Tuesday, 14 January 2014

a window to the soul

when I was a kid I often heard people say that the eyes were like a window to the soul. These days however I think that its probably the internet (and facebook / twitter / news media comments).

People really open up and show you what they're made of.

I read this article and it struck a chord with me. However sadly I soon read that the story of his kindness brought out the "trolls" who inevitably pick anything to make nasty and unkind remarks about.

Having been myself wondering about the afterlife significantly more lately and wondering about the possible basis for it in our current scientific views of the world (for example here), it occurs to me that negative people will perhaps be around to provide torment and anguish and pain to anyone they can lay their hands on (just as they do now).

I wonder if these ugly spirits become the tortured in hell, and that the toughest ones become the demons? Of couse I don't know, but it stands to reason.

These people are so unable to see anything except exploitation that perhaps, no matter how long they exist for, they can't change. To them everything will be about fuck you. Sadly these people seem unable to understand love. Even if they experience it given to them, it seems that they just turn it into a convenient way to exploit the person who loved them.

Perhaps hell is a place that they create by their own choice?

I feel sorry for them (for what they do to themselves) and for the hurt they cause others. To the nice people reading this who are tormented by something, or by others unkindnesses - I hope you find peace

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