Sunday, 12 January 2014

the old mill

I thought I'd go out and see what was to be seen with the camera today (despite -10°C and quite a wind chill from a strong wind coming from the iced over lake) and have some reason to play with a RAW file in the evening. I took about 5 shots (and nearly froze my hands) and I liked this shot the most.

Despite the 'blinking blown highlight' warning on the JPG (which is what you'd get if you weren't using RAW) I ended up processing this with a few clicks from the RAW file.

I think I'll have to drag the Large Format camera out here ... (*when there's less wind that is ;-) as there is some good material to be had.

A shot from before winter.

*the astute may spot a white horizontal fleck in the lower portion of the rusty saw mill from today, that's some "horizontal traveling snow", and this was 500th of a sec exposure 

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