Thursday, 16 June 2016

Oppo F1 night shot with "Expert Mode"

been waiting for a tripod mount (clamp) to arrive to test this out with a better result than hand held (which looked promising).

So this is a shot from my balcony well after sundown (looking North / North West). I cranked the ISO to 800 and the exposure time to 8 seconds

I'm impressed, with my eye I could barely make out any details in the bricks of the wall and the sky is of course not blue to my eye (although I've done other posts with my m43'rds camera to show that indeed the sky is blue at night with sufficient exposure).

Quite a satisfactory result!

I look forward to the next full moon to compare it to a shot taken some years back with my Nikon Coolpix

long exposure on a bigger pixel sensor

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